I don’t know if people still plan on using our Tumblr blogs to post about social media, but get a load of this Fabo update! imagine if this were to happen last week while we we’re still in class, Tumblr would be blowing up with posts!!!! Personally I know I could write at least 50 blogs posts ranting about this, i haven’t decided whether or not I like it yet but it’s definitely different, I just wish we could have had the opportunity to talk about this during class :(
miss you fyw111…

love Geoff 

Flutter: The New Twitter


Just a funny video that my roommate showed me!

you posted this just in time, I was just finishing my Tumblr Highlights and just picked my favorite 3 posts from classmates and well sorry Tyler Finn but this just bumped you out of the 3rd spot. such a funny video! I totally agree too… I just always feel bombarded by so many characters!

Interactive Relationships of the Fan Fiction Community

Having never really been interested in fan fiction before, or even knowing what it was for that matter, I was extremely impressed by the cooperative and accommodating interactions between the members of the community. By joining the How I Met Your Mother online community, I noticed many differences between the fan interactions taking place within the fan fiction community and the other various online communities such as the show’s official blog and Facebook page, fan blogs and related Twitter accounts. The members of the fan fiction community are particularly obliging and encouraging towards others fans. The community encourages all fans of all experience levels to write and review fanfics. Members of the community may also become beta-writers and act as editors to help other fans with certain elements of their fanfics such as plot, characterization, style and structure. The willingness of the fan fiction community members to help and support one another with their writing through the use of frequent interactions, encouraging comments and constructive criticism in both the reviews section, along with the use of beta-writers establishes a positive, interactive, and nurturing community.

Most of the review boards are simply full of comments praising the author for a well written and imaginative story. While at first, comments simply praising the author seemed silly and unhelpful, I had not realized that roughly one third of the fan fiction community is under the age of eighteen (http://tinyurl.com/ya35uu7). Keeping that demographic in mind, many young and aspiring authors appreciate this positive feedback and constructive criticism. Many young fans include aspects from their personal life into their writing and use the anonymous fan fiction community as a personal outlet. The positive responses from the community can do wonders for the self confidence and self esteem of these young authors with respect to both their writing and their personal life. Fans attain a greater sense of belonging and self-worth within the community when they know they have an audience that appreciates their work. In the reviews on http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7588110/1/Perfectly_Imperfect we see a prime example of how fans and one in particular (OTS) praises the author for trying a new writing style. The positive reinforcement and encouragement provided by the interaction with other fans is a very important part of the fan fiction community. 

However, not all comments simply praise the author and encourage them to continue writing. Some fans offer reviews, advice, and constructive criticism. The fan fiction community has a guidelines page at http://www.fanfiction.net/guidelines/ that stresses the proper etiquette when it comes to these reviews. Fans are encouraged to maintain a positive tone when writing reviews and offering constructive criticism. At the same time, authors are encouraged to take any criticism as a compliment, as the fan voluntarily took the time to read and try to help improve your writing. These comments are very helpful to young authors just beginning to write fanfic. It is very difficult for many fans new to the fan fiction style of writing to take an already existing story and adapt it to something “new”. Some novice writers get caught up in a creative idea that they don’t realize or account for the obvious flaws. Even in an imaginary world, certain things are still unlikely or ridiculous scenarios. In the fanfic http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7608777/1/Interesting_Times (GirlX2), one fan, Berserker nightwitch, follows the series of submissions and supplies constant feedback. By having fans review stories and offer constructive criticism, authors learn to write better fanfic, while the entire community can collaborate ideas and concerns to improve the quality of the fan fiction, which in turn benefits the entire readership community.

Although the fan fiction community is very respectful of the proper etiquette of positive reinforcement and constructive criticism, not all authors enjoy having their work reviewed for the first time in a public space. The fan fiction community nominates well versed authors to act as beta-writers within the community. Being nominated as a beta-writer is a great honor as you are deemed a proficient writer among your peers. Beta-writers volunteer their time to proofread, edit and offer advice to other authors in a private manner before the submission is published to the community. Many young authors, who are nervous about having their work judged for the first time, along with serious fan fiction authors eager for an outside opinion, take advantage of this private editing process. The community comes full circle as young writers mature and become beta-writers themselves, mentoring a new group of young writers in the community.

I found that the principles on which the How I Met Your Mother fan fiction community (www.fanfiction.net/tv/How_I_Met_Your_Mother/) operates are different than those in other online communities such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. I noticed that other online communities were not as interactive or nurturing as the fan fiction community. The fan fiction community prides itself on the self betterment of individual members as well as the community as a whole. Through frequent positive interactions, whether through encouraging comments, constructive reviews or helpful beta-writers, the overall sense of community is improved while the relationships between members of the community become more meaningful.

Ole email middle names?

I’m not sure this is really social media related but it has to do with our school St. Olaf email accounts.  Anyway, I just find it really awesome and kind of awkward to have peoples’ full names come up under contacts.  Why on earth does St. Olaf think it is necessary to include middle names in the contact information of email accounts? Yet still a better question, why do so many people have such weird middle names? I have people emailing me with perfectly normal and acceptable first names like Joe and Matt, that then have crazy middle names like Corbett, Ludwig, Farley and Elwyn just to name a few. What were are parents thinking? I know a kid back home and his parent’s named him Paul Danger McPhee. Danger is quite literally his middle name! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!! Anyway I just find it hysterical how this is the default setting for account information and laugh every time I see someone new with an odd middle name and wonder how embarrassed they are that everyone they email automatically gets to see it. If anyone in our class has a funny name or knows anyone else with other odd names they’d like to share please do!

Hey I'm Geoff: Hockey and Twitter?



After hockey practice today I was watching the NHL network in the weight room with Gunnar. Every time they showed an interview or highlights of a player, they always showed his name, number, position and team at the bottom of the screen. This has always been pretty standard, however, we noticed…

I have also seen this a lot while watching college football and the NFL. Maybe not so much the players, but the sideline reporters. I sometimes go to some of those reporters and they seem to all tweet the same generic stuff such as injury and score updates. I have never seen it on the NHL Network and , quite frankly, I am a little surprised that they are publicly giving away players’ twitter handles when you have people out there like George Parros, Paul Bissonnette, and Bobby Ryan who tweet some very questionable material. 

I don’t think the networks care what the athletes tweet, even if it is “questionable” it is added publicity for the game. Especially in southern markets such as Phoenix and Anaheim where Paul Bissonnette and Bobby Ryan play respectively, any added publicity that spikes interest in the game is good for the game.  The behind the scenes viewpoint that twitter gives fans of athletes is a hot commodity right now and everyone if jumping on the bandwagon. These are real people and they are raw and uncensored which is what the people want, and if certain people don’t like the content of their tweets they can always choose to unfollow them.  Personally, I love it!

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Battle of crappy Twitter Accounts

So I know you guys are probably getting tired of listening to rant about how much I hate @TeenSwagQuotes and everyone who constantly retweets them, so i figured I would switch it up a little bit.  We talked last week about how some people will pretend to be someone else and always just retweet everything they say, or write it as their own without giving reference at all.  Well I have a situation that covers all these topics, YAY!

Okay, so my home town is Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, and is often referred to as the “Soo”.  It’s a medium sized city, about 80,000 so there’s not usually a lot going on but it’s certainly more exciting than the sleepy town of Northfield.  So recently some one from the Soo started a Twitter account called @SaultProblems and they tweet all the goofy things and quirks our city has, everyone from the Soo can relate to these tweets and they are actually pretty funny.  I followed them for about a week and then some one else thought this was a phenomenal idea but they could do better so they created @SooProblems and initially they just stole all the material from the original but has now finally started coming up with new tweets on his own.  Obviously @SaultProblems wasn’t happy about having someone copy his idea and it seems all they do now is argue with each other over twitter which sucks so I unfollowed them.  Fortunately the same friends that constantly retweet @TeenSwagQuotes also retweet every thing from @SaultProblems and @SooProblems that isn’t an argument.  This works out quite nicely for me as I don’t have their arguments cluttering my feed and I just get to see the funny tweets.  It’s kind of ironic how I would hate on people who simply retweet EVERYTHING someone else tweets so you end up basically following this account indirectly, but now this actually works out in my favor… I guess this retweet fiends are useful for something.  The added bonus to all of this is that I make fun of @TeenSwagQuotes so often that they have blocked me from seeing their tweets, so now even tho I had to re-enable retweets from this friend, I don’t see anything from @TeenSwagQuotes which is essential for my sanity.


MBTI Storify

I find this personality tests and stuff interesting but don’t really fully believe any of them, I think decisions all really depends on the situation because I react differently to similar situations depending on context.  On a side note, mood rings and horoscopes are pure science and I base all my important life decisions on those. Just kidding, but seriously.

All-Access Mom Storify

this presentation just made me want to go eat McDonalds and other unhealthy food, thank god for those mini donuts, what a life saver! as for the actual presentation, I just find it interesting how much effort McD’s puts into trying to prove that they use real food and that it is somewhat healthy, especially since they take so much heat for being wildly unhealthy.  

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Airline Industry Storify!



This is pretty interesting how there are actual blogs/forums set up for people to go complain about airlines.  I mean I hate a crying baby on an airplane as much as the next guy but I don’t think I’d feel the urge to go write about it on the internet…  also concerning the sexual favors on an airplane issue, if you were wondering about my “frowned upon” comment, it comes from a pretty reliable source http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPin5LRBfZo 
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Twitter Archives?

Something that I think would be really cool is if Twitter had archives for your tweets. Tweets never actually get deleted, but it’s rather inconvenient to scroll down for hours just to get the tweets from 3 months ago.  I think it would be awesome if twitter could just group your tweets into days, weeks, or months.  I’m not a computer nerd or anything but I really don’t think it would be that difficult to set this up.  I think it would be fun to go back in time and see what was running through my head last winter around this time.  It’d be nice to go back and see what I was tweeting about during important moments in my life such as leaving for college or graduating or xmas or anything.  It would also be cool to see how what I tweet has changed since the beginning of my twitter career.  Why don’t I work for Twitter? I just have so many awesome ideas!  Anybody want to start up a company, and then launch a side project like Twitter but have it be way better? GET AT ME!

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